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still havent recieved it TRAVELERS PALM Ravenala 10 11/02/2017
One of the two branches was broken in half. Angelwing Begonia "My Special Angel" Well Rooted S 10/17/2017
So far no trees Eastern Cottonwood Populus deltoides Established 2 10/16/2017
I bought an actual plant bo seeds WINDMILL PALM cold hardy 10 10/16/2017
It’s a seedling not a tree. Not happy Ficus Lyrata - 'Fiddle Leaf Fig' Tree - Houseplant 10/15/2017
Arrived in excellent condition, good product Grafted Adenium Desert Rose PA1137 Gold w Orange S 10/10/2017
Good product Cootamundra tree Acacia Baileyana Purpurea rare fl 10/07/2017
Seeds packed in 2 in. Ziplock bag. Seeds were barely visible to eye. No instructions, nothing grew! Sedum mixed 100 seeds *succulents excellent perfor 10/07/2017
I did not complete this order..please cancel.. 20 Cherry Seeds Black (Prunus Serotina) Tree Wild 09/26/2017
Fast service. easy to deal with. Scarlet Firebush Plant Florida Native Scarlet Yell 09/22/2017
Arrived sooner than expected. Mountain Fire Pieris Japonica - Live Plant - Quart 08/27/2017
I did not receive the item, I contacted the seller, and there is no response. 2** FRENCH PURPLE LILAC * * 1 FT**LIVE PLANTS FLOW 08/19/2017
The plant I received is dying with no leaves on, all fallen. Much smaller than its description Ficus Lyrata - 'Fiddle Leaf Fig' Tree - Houseplant 08/17/2017
The plant I received is 1 foot tall, Not 4-5 tall plant described on the web. This is a fraud. 1 Ginkgo biloba tree- 3 to 4 feet tall 08/17/2017
The description of the plant and what I received matched, very happy with my order. Thank you Fargesia robusta 'Wolong' Live Clumping Bamboo Pla 08/16/2017
I paid $80.00 for a plant, invoice is $39.99. I have no idea which is the real price. ~RED RAMBUTAN~ Nephelium lappaceum LIVE RARE FRUIT 08/15/2017
Omithogalum logibracteatum pregnant onion- well rooted bulb- hardy to 20F I have not received ^ Ornithogalum longibracteatum Pregnant Onion - Well 08/15/2017
I am not happy with my order It was suppose to be 1000 plus seed I know there is not that many seeds Balsam touch-me-not IMPATEINS BALSAMINA color mix 08/12/2017
Seeds arrived safe and sound..packed carefully.... Pilosocereus Palmeri, exotic blue color columnar r 08/06/2017
Easy to order. My plant was gently supported and carefully wrapped for shipping. I am very pleased Angelwing Begonia "Fannie Moser Little Miss Mummy" 08/05/2017
Rose of Sharon Tree Hibiscus syriacus 1 to 2 feet 07/31/2017
My order was cancelled on sellers behalf they said it was damaged and they were out of stock. Blue Bougainvillea Vibrant Flower Tropical Hedge B 07/31/2017
I have heard nothing from them. DWARF BARTLETT PEAR TREE **1-2 FT** FLOWERING FRUI 07/29/2017
The seeds are planted, waiting to see how many plants I get out of the seeds that were shipped. Mole Plant 30 Seeds - REPELS MOLES - Euphorbia 07/26/2017
Not at all happy with my order, I thought that it was a tree not seeds. It's a rip off!!!!!! GOLDEN RAIN or GOLDEN CHAIN TREE 10 07/19/2017
arrived earlier than expected, in perfect condition Montauk Daisy 2-years Old Live Plant/Montauk Daisy 07/19/2017
A week after I paid for the tree I received an email stating they sold out. Took 30 days for refund. Blue Damson Plum Tree - Healthy Bare Root Plant - 07/19/2017
Shorted us some seed, but made it right quickly! Lady Cream pea AKA: Lady Finger Pea, Rice Pea, Cat 07/18/2017
Haven't heard a thing. Probably took my money and I will see nothing. 1 Tulip-poplar tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) 18 t 07/18/2017
I was charged way to much for a few teeny tiny seeds 10 Climbing Snapdragon Mix Color (Asarina antirrhi 07/16/2017
Easy to order from.Out of what I ordered but got back to me quickly. 1 Weeping Willow tree-(Salix babylonica) 3 to 4 fe 07/16/2017
Everything is good so far. DONKEY EARS - Kalanchoe Gastonis-Bonnieri plant ex 07/15/2017
Delivered as promised 50 American Linden Tree Seeds - Tilia Americana Ba 07/13/2017
Very fast delivery. Tree was in very good condition. Royal Purple Smoketree Cotinus Coggygria Establish 07/11/2017
These plants died after planting. :( JASMINE VINE PLANT DORMANT ROOTED CUTTING WINTER H 07/07/2017
Wrong item sent, decided to cancel order. Customer service very good, gave full refund. No problem. Bing Cherry Tree - Healthy Plants - Bare Root Plan, etc. 07/07/2017
Sent the wrong seeds tried to send message to Rancupid but no reply. Rapunzel Tomato - 20 Seeds COMB. S/H SEE OUR STORE 07/07/2017
The wrong plants were shipped, I requested a refund and will be returning the plants. Grafted Adenium Desert Rose PA1209 Deep Purple Pla 07/06/2017
Never get tracking number,never get anything.delivery usps did well.I never going to buy again.... 1 PURPLE LILAC SHRUB TREE **2-3 FT** FLOWERING SHR 07/05/2017
Extremely disappointed with my purchase. Not as pictured. Feel totally ripped off. Hydrangea Live Dormant Tree beautiful Tree snow-wh 07/02/2017
Instead of 2 olive trees I received a SINGLE packet of 60 seeds. I over paid accoding to the reciept Olea Europaea, Canino Olive Tree, Tasty Edible Org 06/30/2017
I was supposed to get a tree. I got a small 12" bush.. I want to return it. Return informatiopleases Hydrangea Live Dormant Tree beautiful Tree snow-wh 06/29/2017
Received order as promised very happy with transaction I am 90 yrs old I had lost this veriaty 200 Yellow Dent Corn,most popular open-pollinated 06/29/2017
Plant arrived quickly and was moist and alive. Great transaction! Live Lamb's Ears Plant: Plants for Lovers of the F 06/27/2017
Thank you arrived in nice condition well hydrated. Aglaia odorata Chinese Rice Flower Shrub Fragrant 06/27/2017
Never received my order. Please expedite. DESERT ROSE (ADENIUM OBESUM) MIXED COLORS 10 SEEDS 06/26/2017
I was not expecting just a cutting of a plant but an actual bush. Also religious text included in 1 PURPLE LILAC SHRUB TREE **2-3 FT** FLOWERING SHR 06/26/2017
Completely dissatisfied, i will definitely shop elsewhere from now on. I felt completely ripped off. 1 PURPLE LILAC SHRUB TREE **2-3 FT** FLOWERING SHR 06/25/2017
Your website was very easy to use. White Balloon flower Platycodon grandiflorus 'Doub 06/21/2017
Not in stock, refund provided, informed promptly. RHODODENDRON 'CHERRY CHEESECAKE' - STARTER PLANT - 06/20/2017
It's unbelievable at this point that NO ONE in the United States carries Purple Pampas Plants. PURPLE PAMPAS GRASS 1 PLANT 06/20/2017
Hi to whom it my concern i have purchased a hydragea tree from your company the tree already die . Hydrangea Live Dormant Tree beautiful Tree snow-wh 06/19/2017
I can't rate this appropriately because I haven't received the plant as of now. Pixwell Green Gooseberry Bush - Pie Makers' Favori 06/17/2017
Arrived quickly and now planted and looking forward to having sunshine raspberries Sunshine Raspberry Bush Seeds! SWEET! Variegated f 06/16/2017
responsive customer service and persistently improving its shipping JAPANESE DWARF APRICOT TREE *** FOR *** BONSAI FLO 06/15/2017
I was very satisfied with it!! Seems to be growing!! AZALEA 'GIBRALTAR'' - FRAGRANT - STARTER PLANT - D 06/13/2017
Thanks! Can't wait to plant ! WEEPING BOTTLE BRUSH 100 06/12/2017
Arrived in good shape. Thanks. 3 IN ONE ROSE OF SHARON HIBISCUS TREE *16-24 IN * 06/12/2017
Seller very responsive, issue resolved immediately, correct product delivered in excellent condition 3 IN ONE ROSE OF SHARON HIBISCUS TREE *2-3 FT* SHR 06/11/2017
Ty for delivery on time.. 2* FAIRY DUST HIBISCUS SEEDLINGS **6-8 INCH ** FLO 06/11/2017
Plants arrived in excellent condition. As promised 1' tall. Easy directions on soaking roots. Bravo! 3 FAIRY DUST HIBISCUS **1 FT** PLANT HUGE BLOOMS F 06/10/2017
Nice little plant AZALEA 'GIBRALTAR'' - FRAGRANT - STARTER PLANT - D 06/10/2017
I'm a little disappointed with order 1 PURPLE LILAC SHRUB TREE **2-3 FT** FLOWERING SHR 06/09/2017
Glad I could find these seeds Bells of Ireland 150+ seeds Shell Flower Moluccell 06/07/2017
I haven't received the Primrose Lilac plant so I can't rate. I am disappointed that it isn't here. Primrose Yellow French Lilac ( syringa ) - Live Pl 06/06/2017
I don't know yet if my rooting effort has been successful. An already rooted cutting wasn't offered Purple Passion (Gynura Aurantiaca) Purple Velvet P 06/05/2017
I impressed about your service very fast! Thank you so much. Great job! RARE 5 different colors of Wisteria, package of 25 06/04/2017
Deceptive advertising. Poor merchandise. Over priced. Ripoff site. 1 PURPLE LILAC SHRUB TREE **2-3 FT** FLOWERING SHR 06/04/2017
Was sent a dead stick! 1 Cistena Plum Shrub-tree-bush(purple leaf sand ch 06/03/2017
Would definitely buy again very prompt with shipment and very healthy plants Mandarin Lights Orange Deciduous Azalea - Live Pla 06/01/2017
Good expedience 1 DWARF LAPIN CHERRY TREE **3 FT** SWEET HUGE CHER 06/01/2017
I was disappointed that it was no longer available after I selected to pay with Paypal. PINK HIGAN WEEPING CHERRY TREE **2 FT** BLOOMING F 06/01/2017
I have not received my order yet and it has been three weeks. I have emailed the seller 3 times. 2* FAIRY DUST HIBISCUS SEEDLINGS **6-8 INCH ** FLO 05/30/2017
Plants were alive when I received them, Sprayed them with fungicide & planted them. Looking good. RHODODENDRON IMPEDITUM -DWARF PURPLE RHODODENDRON- 05/30/2017
I have never received the rose of Sharon I order. I am very upset. 3 IN ONE ROSE OF SHARON HIBISCUS TREE *2-3 FT* SHR 05/29/2017
Plants came in quickly and healthy all are doing great, can't wait for the blooms. 5 PURPLE ROSE OF SHARON *1-2 FT* FLOWERING SHRUB S 05/29/2017
Contacted seller about my order. got vague response with no info. Basicly told I'll get it whenever. DWARF PINK WEEPING CHERRY TREE 1-2 FT FLOWERING OR 05/28/2017
Wow! Product was not described well. I am not happy at all. Saucer Magnolia Magnolia Soulangeana Healthy Estab 05/27/2017
arrived in perfect condition Orange Storm Flowering Quince ( chaenomeles ) - Li 05/26/2017
Who are you people I spent $300 got 1 order no contact imfo your a rip off don't order from this con 5 Ornamental WHITE PAMPAS GRASS ***PLUS 1 WHITE LI 05/26/2017
I still do not have my tree. I have sent two messages to the seller with no answers. USPS waits 1 Weeping Higan Cherry tree (Prunus subhirtella va 05/26/2017
Have never received my product. Messaged and still nothing 1 Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry tree 2 to 3 ft 05/25/2017
Was quick and easy transaction. Mandarin Lights Orange Deciduous Azalea - Live Pla 05/23/2017
Took 22 days for item to reach me. Wanted a refund but was told to wait. Item came a week later. DWARF PINK WEEPING CHERRY TREE 1-2 FT FLOWERING OR 05/22/2017
The mulberry tree arrived in a box without leaves or directions. I am waiting to see if it grows. 1 Red mulberry tree (Morus rubra) 2 to 3 feet 05/22/2017
is there a garentee Mandarin Lights Orange Deciduous Azalea - Live Pla 05/22/2017
Trees are good quality, but I had to email the merchant after 2 weeks to inquire about my order :-( 25 HYBRID WILLOW bare root- (Salix) 05/19/2017
The hydrangeas are in amazing condition and can't wait to see them reach their full potential! HYDRANGEA ASPERA 'SARGENTIANA' - PLANT - 4 INCH PO, etc. 05/19/2017
Never received order. After inquiring, was told they were out of stock and would issue a refund. Radicans Cryptomeria Tree ( japanese cedar ) - Liv 05/18/2017
I did not get the orange tea olive plant, I got the red one. Orange Flowering Fragrant Tea Olive (osmanthus) - 05/15/2017
how long we take this Saucer Magnolia Magnolia Soulangeana Healthy Estab 05/13/2017
No complaints - my mom rec'd the item before Mother's Day. The only thing missing was the note WINDMILL PALM cold hardy 10 05/11/2017
No contact imformation received one order (wrong Color) need to talk waiting on 4 more orders 7 YELLOW PAMPAS GRASS **PLUS *1* YELLOW LILAC SEED 05/10/2017
Received on time. excellent product and service. thank you 1 Purple Crepe Myrtle shrub-bush-plant-tree 2 to 3 05/10/2017
Right after being planted my tree started budding, tree was a little smaller than expected but good. DWARF PINK WEEPING CHERRY TREE ** 2-3 FT** BLOOMIN, etc. 05/10/2017
Tree looks dead no leaf or sign of life looks like a stick with a little root no soil not happy with 1 Red mulberry tree (Morus rubra) 2 to 3 feet 05/04/2017
Excellent service and delivery. SPIRAEA VAN HOUTTEI 'RENAISSANCE' - STARTER PLANT 05/03/2017
So far the plant seems very healthy and it was delivered in a timely fashion. Carolina Silverbell Tree - Halesia carolina Establ 05/03/2017
Fast and easy transaction. Got them faster than expected. Certified Organic Black Prince Tomato Seeds (~50): 04/25/2017
It has been 20 days since I placed my order. I still don't have my tree, and I have not received ema 3* AUTUMN BLAZE MAPLE TREE *2-3 FT* BONSAI ORNAMEN 04/24/2017
This came way sooner than I intended (BONUS) and it's growing great already! DAPHNE 'ETERNAL FRAGRANCE' -- STARTER PLANT - APPR 04/22/2017
Trees were packed in paper, water (kept moist) and were all healthy looking! Very Happy! Ohio Buckey Tree - Healthy Bare Root Plant - Shade 04/21/2017
I expected plant to be GROWING IN 1 GALLON POT. Plant dug up and placed in 1 gallon of potting mix. Saucer Magnolia Magnolia Soulangeana Healthy Estab 04/17/2017
Good 25 HYBRID WILLOW bare root- (Salix) 04/12/2017
was expecting way more for the price.We'll see what the tree does hopefully I won't be disappointed 1 Eastern redbud tree (Cercis canadensis) 3 to 4 f 04/11/2017
Many thanks for your quick reply. First Prize Hybrid Tea Rose (1 Plant) Border,Cut F 03/21/2017
No problem ordering Cape Gooseberry,Giant Poha Berry,100 SEEDS (Physal 03/10/2017